Indulge In The Sparkling Elegance Of Alexandrie!

Alexandrie Brut

Alexandrie Cellars Brut Sparkling Wine is true gem that captivates with its exquisite taste and delicate effervescence. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this sparkling wine is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Alexandrie Brut Rosé

This exquisite rosé sparkles with a beautiful pink hue, enticing your senses from the moment it pours into your glass. With each sip, you'll be captivated by its delicate bubbles and vibrant flavors of red fruits and floral notes.



Alexandrie reflects the culmination of the unique, refined vision of Chloe Bello, a synthesis of her appreciation for wine culture, discriminating palate and superior attention to detail, gained from years of experience working in the fashion industry. Named in honor of her daughter, Alexandrie Brut Sparkling Wine is lovingly produced in small batches at Chloe’s boutique, female-owned winery in Napa Valley.

With a passion for sparkling wine and champagne, along with an impeccable eye for design, Chloe was the initial spark behind the formation of Alexandrie Cellars and the creator of the collector-quality bottle design. She continues to be the wellspring for all the winery’s distinctive creations.

Chloe has a talent for building relationships that endears her to everyone she meets, and this shines through in her day-to-day life, when she is coordinating special events and tastings, or managing operations. When creating marketing campaigns and overseeing all aspects of product design, she draws from her extensive professional background in the wine industry, along with her 11 years in fashion, working as a buyer, stylist and designer.

Aside from being a mom, a volunteer and wife to Christopher Bello, Chloe likes to further her knowledge of interior design, art and sparkling wine when she isn’t busy working. A resident of St. Helena for the past seven years and a member of the Napa Valley Vintners, Chloe loves the character, atmosphere and charm of the region. This has a dramatic influence on the production of Alexandrie, which emphasizes unmatched quality, discerning taste and a timeless bottle design, at a reasonable price. Chloe and the team at Alexandrie Cellars will continue in this tradition, fusing their combined strengths, experience and sensibilities—with much more to come.