The Pink Cabana

Image credit by - The Pink Cabana - Sands Hotel & Spa

The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Seven months into this pandemic and the forced lockdown, I’m wondering why there’s nothing about cabin fever embedded in a fable or nursery rhyme somewhere.   Maybe, the walls are closing in?

To say that my mind has wandered into some strange places is a bit of an understatement.  Getting out of town for a while seemed like something out of a dream, and I’m hoping that some of the memories from our recent jaunt to Palm Springs will carry me through the winter.

I could not have been happier with where we stayed, the Sands Hotel and Spa.  With a fun, whimsical interior designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and a well-loved, ingredient-driven restaurant featuring Mediterranean cuisine, there’s a lot to smile about. 

The centerpiece of the hotel is The Pink Cabana, a fine dining and libation destination.  Not surprising given the name, it has soaring, pink vaulted ceilings and a vibrant, tropical-themed interior that feels like something out of a fairy tale.  This is not to say the cuisine takes a back seat to the décor:  Chef Jason Niederkorn has created a menu with unique offerings such as a Cauliflower Steak, a savory Petaluma Harissa Chicken dish with saffron potatoes, turmeric Cipollini onions, Meyer lemon, and green olives, and a Tagliatelle Pasta with wild mushrooms, caulilini, butternut squash and reggiano.

Of course, tried-and-true favorites like Duck Breast and Filet Mignon are available too.  Reading over the menu again, my mouth is watering thinking about the Lamb T-Bone, which is paired with cous cous, apricots, almonds, heirloom carrots and tzatziki.  If that were not enough, they also specialize in creating distinctive, elevated cocktails, such as the one shown here.

The fact that some were designed as aperitifs and some were created as digestifs is so cool to me.  The bespoke aspect of The Pink Cabana is further enhanced by how they feature different wines from Mediterranean climates, with suggestions for which one to pair with all of their culinary offerings, so there is no need to clutter the mind with unnecessary decision making.

Aside from the pool and the hotel, with its chic, mod interiors, and the many options for shopping and outdoor recreation that have made Palm Springs such a fun place to visit, we also enjoyed visiting LG’s Prime Steakhouse, a locally-owned favorite, Mitch’s on El Paseo, which has a large patio, fresh seafood, steak and sushi; and Armando’s Dakota Bar & Grill—traditional, upscale Mexican fare with great service and a large patio with water misters.

Are you hungry yet?  I know I am.  Maybe it’s time to wander into the kitchen and try to match some of what I enjoyed on our trip or at least make something quick, sit down in front of the computer and plan the next culinary adventure.  

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!  My thought is that recording it here sort of encapsulates the trip, allowing me to revisit the journey sometime when I am feeling the crush of cabin fever again.  If nothing else, my hope is that it was at least a fun distraction for you.  What sort of hotels and restaurants cause your mind to wander?  Do you have a favorite cocktail or dish in mind?  If so I would love to hear about it, so please reach out with a comment or a recommendation!  I would also love to share my thoughts with you about the best that Palm Springs has to offer.


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