A Bright Day…” Have you ever heard that song by Gramatik?  It captures the essence of spring and always seems to be able to transport me into a favorite memory of the season.  What can I say?  After being cooped up inside for so long, it’s hard not to indulge in a quick little daydream about the showiest of seasons.

With the smell of wildflowers on the air, the time change, warm breezes and long afternoons, there are a lot of reasons why spring is a favorite.  The chance to get outside and enjoy the weather isn’t always on offer in the wintertime, so I say why not make the most of it when the weather cooperates?

One way I like to relax and appreciate the changing of the seasons is to while away an afternoon with my bestie Khara.  As I sit here drawing inspiration from the picture of the two of us on our picnic and all of the great food, paired with some ice cold Alexandrie, it’s hard not to get distracted and hungry.

Longer days and milder temperatures mean more opportunities to spend time with friends and create fun, life-enriching, everyday celebrations.  The Kango Mango table by Harpel and Crate&Barrel flutes pictured here made this so much more enjoyable.  What do you use to enhance your outdoor gatherings?  Do you have a favorite menu for an outdoor picnic?

Everyone has a different strategy for making the most out of the everyday and appreciating the little things.  Share your thoughts by commenting below, and if you want to read about the latest wine industry happenings, fashion, art, design or local events, please sign up by leaving your email address.

Chloe Bello

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