In spring a young woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of…well…not spring cleaning!  But unfortunately, things just have to get crossed off the list occasionally.  Besides, who wants to see dust bunnies swimming around when it’s finally warm enough to open the windows?

The consolation was that I uncovered this fun champagne bottle chiller from my Mackenzie Childs Courtly Check collection.  What better reason to plan a party than dusting it off?  Selecting a few accent pieces and favorite items from around the house helps me create a theme.

Party planning mode:  engage.  Don’t you just love how the Alexandrie bottle compliments the black and white checks?  I guess it’s obvious I like flowers.  My go-to for picking up beautiful, inexpensive flowers is Trader Joe’s and a few local floral wholesalers.  Please share if you have a secret spot that’s better!

If there’s such a thing as multiple dimensions, I have to think there is another version of me out there somewhere, working in a florist and arranging flowers with the music cranked.  I just find that music is the key to setting a mood.  When I am the middle of planning a party, I like to create a playlist to make it quick and easy.  Right now the Thievery Corporation, Koop, Gramatik and Tame Impala seem like the perfect pairing for the food I’m planning—just something that’s simple to prepare and easy to handle:  cheese and charcuterie, vegetable crudités, etc.  All that’s left is to gather some family and friends!

I think it’s so cool how inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places sometimes.  What gets you into party planning mode?  Do you have a favorite playlist in mind right now?  I would love to hear about it, so please comment below or leave your email for more fun and party inspiration.   

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