As far as the numbers and the calendar are concerned, February is the shortest month of the year.  But let’s face it…after being stuck inside for a while it can feel like one of the longest.

The winter grays can quickly turn to blues and the walls can really start to close in, regardless of how nice your house is or how many inside activities you have planned.  When the weather is cold and rainy and it is practically impossible to get out of the house, the days can stretch on endlessly.

But then I had the thought—if you’re stuck inside a change of scenery and a few great friends might be just what the doctor ordered.  With the idea that it could be the perfect prescription to brighten a dull winter day, we decided on a girls’ trip to Tahoe.  A few group texts and Google searches later, it was happening.

Aside from all the fun outside activities that have made Tahoe famous, we had a great time relaxing, unwinding and catching up.  In such a busy world, having some time to spend together is the ultimate luxury.  We spent ours cooking some grown-up meals (fondue was a crowd favorite), playing games and staying up late.  After a few hours chit-chatting over lots and lots of Alexandrie,  imagining what Austin Powers might say seemed like the funniest joke ever:  “Fondue it to me baby, yeah.” 

Sorry for that one.  The point is that it’s key to not take life so seriously sometimes.  Have you been on a fun girls’ trip or a winter vacation recently?  If so, please comment or share one of your favorite places to go.  It would be great to hear from you!


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