Alexandrie Sonoma Brut Rosé! Coming May 2022!

Rosé 〰️ Coming Soon!〰️ Rosé 〰️ Coming Soon! 〰️

Warm weather, longer days and shorter nights, freshly picked berries and the aroma of flowers permeating the air…is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the arrival of spring?  And if you’re anything like me and Chris, you jump at the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful area we are so fortunate to live in, whether it’s going hiking, golfing, biking or stand up paddle boarding.

With more chances to relax and unwind outdoors, spring has always been a favorite for me. There’s nothing better than being outside after a long winter, and some of my fondest memories of spring are tied to thoughts of sipping an ice cold Rosé with friends and family around a picnic table. 

It’s too bad Rosé and celebration doesn’t rhyme, as the two pair extremely well together, but I digress. Regardless, our thought was a backyard picnic/celebration would be the perfect way to announce the newest addition to the Alexandrie family of products:  a Sonoma County Brut Rosé.

We are so excited to share our take on the Sonoma County Brut Rosé, a vintage sparkling wine from 2017 that is set to hit the shelves this May.  With a beautiful pale pink color along with hints of citrus and strawberry, it is crisp and refreshing with great effervescence.

Of course, Rosés are traditionally thought of as the perfect accompaniment to warmer weather occasions.  However, there is a growing recognition that Rosés even pair well with some of the heavier meats such as duck that are typically associated with wintertime…who knew?

The fact that there is always something new to learn is something I love about this crazy world.  With that in mind and the idea that there may be some out there who don’t know, a Brut Rosé is usually thought of as a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, which is vinified as red wine.  Point being if you like those varieties, it may be worth a sample (or two).  Also, Rosés that are produced in Sonoma capitalize on the area’s long growing season.  This allows the grapes to fully ripen without sacrificing the delicate acidity balance.

If you have any questions, want to pre-order or just chat about your ideas for the perfect pairing for outdoor gatherings and celebrations, please comment below.  If you want to read about the latest wine industry happenings, travel, art, design or local events, please sign up by leaving your email address. 

Thanks!  Chloe Bello

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